Visual Ninja is a visual thinking training and share-and-learn project, powered by the Visual Changemakers of Visuality.

Sketchnoting is a funner, smarter and more efficient way of taking notes than just writing down words.

You don’t have to be an aspiring artist to take part: visual thinking is all about clarifying and keeping track of content. You’ll be surprised how easily the visuals will flow from your pen once you give it a go!

During our workshops you’ll learn the basics of visual notetaking which you can use for your personal notes and to take your business meetings to the next level with engaging images.

Anyone can become a Visual Ninja by attending a Sketchnote Ninja workshop.

Level up to become a Flipchart Ninja as well

visual notetaking will change the way you take notes forever.






Flipchart Ninja Training

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Sketchnote Ninja Workshop

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Mara Callaert is a visual facilitator. She’s specialized in visualisation, communication and change. After working for several years in engineering and consultancy, she decided to translate her core skills into a unique and compelling value proposition, and thus founded Visuality. With her analytical thinking, visuals, connecting communication and above all ‘feeling’, Mara guides companies and individuals to engaging new insights.


Christopher Malapitan is a passionate sketchnoter and visual thinker with over 15 years experience as a commercial illustrator producing countless storyboards and visuals for TV/film and advertising. Through visual mapping techniques, Christopher helps storytellers, NGOs, creative curators, and various professionals to "see what they mean".



The Visual Ninjas training allowed me to explore new ideas around how drawing might enhance my creativity and how to visually represent information. It also inspired me to apply more visual tools at my work!
— Simona Pronckutė, The European Citizens' Initiative Campaign